Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Update - March 2010 Adam Blalock

I realize I have not written a blog in a very long time. With facebook, I just didn't see the point in posting blogs anymore. However, someone has changed my mind on that - his name is Adam Patrick Blalock. Meet my new grandson. He was born March 4, 2010. This is what he looked like when I first met him, at 10 days old. Isn't he wonderful? My first close up look into the eyes of my little grandson. I cannot even express to you the joy this little guy brings to my life. I tear up every time I think of his arrival. Here is the new little family. The Blalocks - Josh, Regis and Adam. I love them so much. When I first arrived at Josh and Regis's house, I gave them this quilt for Adam. But the whole two weeks I was there, I was working on the finishing touches. It took me months to finish just the centerpiece - which is counted cross stitch. Thankfully Sarah put the rest of the quilt part together. The dark green ribbon trim is from Chris and Sarah's wedding. Here are my pirate boys. Adam is wearing a white pirate rash guard and swim trunks, too. Love it. My Dad, Adam's great-grandfather got to meet his little great-grandson. Yes, he is just so adorable. He has Josh's hairline and ears, but I think he looks more like Regis in this picture. He's a handsome little boy, for sure. It was very special for me to introduce Adam to his great great grandmother. That's right, two greats. Yep, we married young in our family. Ha. Nani seemed very happy to meet her great great grandson. We bought Adam this little lion suit shortly after we arrived because he didn't fit into any of his clothes. He weighed only 5 lbs. 2 oz. at birth. He's a real eater, and growing very quickly, however. The family went to Tarpon Springs for an outing. Here we are enjoying a delicious Greek lunch. That was a wonderful day. Adam kept cozy and shaded. : ) Aunt Sarah made sure Adam was snuggled and held, not that he ever lacked for that. There may have been some competition for who got to hold him next. Adam's first beach outing. The dog beach, of course. It was a beautiful day. But the water was only 68 degrees, so we put off a dip in the ocean for Adam. Ben was never far away from his family. Car seat riding - not always his favorite thing. But he did pretty well. The happy family at John's pass. We had lunch there with Adam's great granddad. My little bunny boy. (son of my little bunny foo foo) I think my blog will share my adventures with our expanding family for now. Ok, yes, I'll put up the occasional underwater photos too. Feel free to leave comments. I love sharing the joy!