Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunday Dives

Sunday was a good dive day. We took OW students Robert and Tina (above) and Glen (below) for two dives in the morning. They almost have their OW skills completed.
Below are some photos from my Sunday afternoon dives. Harry and I went to Obyan with Dan for two dives. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure which day it was, Saturday or Sunday. They all seem to run together with numerous dives. One day was 4 dives for me. I can't remember which one now. Anyway, the anenome and anenome fish were fun to take pictures of.
We saw some huge lion fish there, too.
And I saw this funky worm like thing. I don't know what it is.
This tiny purple fan coral was tucked inside an arch in the bigger coral. It's so pretty.
And the soft coral was just gorgeous with the sun shining down on it. Visibility was much better here than it's been at Lau Lau lately.
Here's Dan exiting Obyan after two good dives.
And Harry heading up the beach, ready to call it a good dive day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Ok yes, Harry and I spent Valentine's Day underwater with 4 dives each for the day. I'm guessing that doesn't sound very romantic to my female friends. But we did go on a sunset dinner cruise on the Star and Stripes with other Rotary couples on Friday night. A boat cruise is pretty romantic, right? In the photo above, I'm boarding the Stars and Stripes, getting ready for our cruise in the lagoon and dinner with friends.
Here's Harry connecting with other couples - Kathryn and Jim, and Ellie and Oleg.
Harry and I are out on the deck after the sail has been hoisted.
Harry enjoying a drink on deck with more Rotary friends.
Rotary couples on the sunset dinner cruise.
Here's a shot of the ocean, just before we went inside the cabin for dinner.
Ben, Kim, Donika and Ben's wife all waiting for the group to come inside for dinner.
Donika and I dancing with the entertainer and tourists to YMCA. Yeah, it's a little crazy after dinner time. Ha. But the singer on board even sang a Russian song with Ellie and Oleg. I was impressed that he could sing in all those languages. It was a fun night.
So, what did you do for Valentine's Day?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CIC Sunset Dinner Cruise

CIC and AON hosted a dinner cruise for visiting VIP's from Australia. In the picture above, the CIC group is getting ready to board the boat.
Some of us girls (and Tom) are enjoying the wind in our hair, as the boat takes off to tour the lagoon.
Grace and I are inside relaxing after a good meal catered by Fiesta Resort. Grace did a lovely rendition of "I'm on the Top of the World", and I did the cha cha with one of the boat guys. : )
Robert had the pleasure of wearing the blond "wig" while posing for pictures with "Elvis". What can I say? Saipan entertainment. : )
Some of my fellow CIC coworkers enjoying the deck and sunset.
Here we are scrunching closer together for a close up shot.
A nice sunset and Managaha shot from the deck. I think we all had a fun evening. It was a real treat for our whole office.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Students and Dive Number 100 !!

This past weekend was very busy with dive students. Harry had 5 students and one regular diver, which meant 8 dives for the weekend for him. I only went on 5 of the dives, which was still a busy dive weekend for me. In the photo above you see Glen, on his first OW dive.
In this photo, Harry is taking pictures of the big snapper while Tina swims nearby.
Here's the big snapper coming in for a closer look at us, while Tina watches him off to the side.
And here's a closer shot of Tina on her first OW dive.
Harry and Robert are exiting on to the beach after a great dive.
Glen and Tina had to leave for another commitment, but Robert stayed for dive number two, where he finished up most of his OW dive skills, and got to hang out with turtles.
Harry and Robert enjoying some turtle time.
Curtis joined us for our Sunday afternoon dive. No students this time, just a recreational dive for all of us - AND the 100th dive for me!!!
There I am, coming up behind Curtis, enjoying dive number 100.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Magazine Cover

Some of my photos are in the Hafadai magazine for February. That's really cool for me. Hafadai magazine is a Japanese Tourist magazine for the CNMI. The story inside has quotes from our blogs and a few more pictures. But everything is in Japanese, so I can't read it. It's still very cool for me to have my photos on the cover.