Monday, February 9, 2009

Students and Dive Number 100 !!

This past weekend was very busy with dive students. Harry had 5 students and one regular diver, which meant 8 dives for the weekend for him. I only went on 5 of the dives, which was still a busy dive weekend for me. In the photo above you see Glen, on his first OW dive.
In this photo, Harry is taking pictures of the big snapper while Tina swims nearby.
Here's the big snapper coming in for a closer look at us, while Tina watches him off to the side.
And here's a closer shot of Tina on her first OW dive.
Harry and Robert are exiting on to the beach after a great dive.
Glen and Tina had to leave for another commitment, but Robert stayed for dive number two, where he finished up most of his OW dive skills, and got to hang out with turtles.
Harry and Robert enjoying some turtle time.
Curtis joined us for our Sunday afternoon dive. No students this time, just a recreational dive for all of us - AND the 100th dive for me!!!
There I am, coming up behind Curtis, enjoying dive number 100.


Harry Blalock said...

Congratulations Kel, 100 dives is a real accomplishment, and you did it in just over a year! You're an awesome on all the dives these days.

Rheanna "Ray" said...

Congrats on the big 100! If Saipan was a few hours drive I be diving everyday.