Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunset and Roses

Harry got a new underwater camera and has been taking some amazing photos. I think he's pretty excited about the new camera, and the nice photos. I'm pretty excited about it, too, as I get his old camera. I haven't had the chance to take any pictures underwater yet, but I'm hoping to take some in Bali. As I was driving down Beach Rd the other day, I had to stop at Oleai and shoot some sunset pictures. This was the day we had the purple haze from the volcano. In the top picture you can see the paddlers in the distance. The colors were just amazing for several minutes. I'm glad I got to enjoy it.

The pictures below are the roses I received on Valentine's Day. Aren't they beautiful? In the bottom of the picture you can see a stem of orchids. It was a very nice arrangement.
Here's a view of the roses from my desk. Valentine's Day is always fun at work. The office gives out Valentines gifts each year. This year we got a nice cup with chocolates inside.
Here is the office staff, well, all of the women, that is - and Andy - who buys us all a single rose for Valentine's Day each year. Yes, I have mine in a green tea container. I didn't have a spare vase.

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