Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life, Wedding and the Boy Cats

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending a wedding for fellow diver, Dave Johansen. This is Dave and his lovely bride with the minister on the beach at PIC. It was a lovely little ceremony. True to island form, the maid of honor showed up after the ceremony was done - ha. Island time.
This is the new Mrs. Johansen, in her very lovely Thai wedding gown. They had a very nice wedding reception at Charlie's in PIC.
I just realized right after I mentioned Charlie's in PIC, that this next photo is of our Charlie. Made me laugh. Nope, the reception wasn't at his place. He's not that social.
I posted the picture of Charlie for Sarah. I figured she might be missing the boy cats a little. But I'm posting this picture of Alex for Josh. I was talking to him, so he's working his claws all happy on his towel on the table. Yep, the good ole boy is looking a bit old. He still gets a lot of love and attention at home.
I may have mentioned this before, but we went to the Hyatt for Christmas brunch after our Christmas eagle ray dive. Edz and Angelo joined us. I thought I'd post this picture as a HI and we miss you - from Mom and Dad.
These next two photos are just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Both are Hyatt sunsets. It's hard to beat the great beauty of island sunsets.


bigsoxfan said...

Hi Kelli, The seems to be a new camera in town and her name is Kelli. I caught your cat picture and had to meld yours with ours from garapan.

Saipan Kat said...

Kelli, you take really amazing pictures!

I'm the older sister......... said...

very very nice shots!