Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Fun Family Photos

I decided to post some of the random photos from my week with my family. We really had some great times together. The day after the wedding, the family got together for a Mother's Day breakfast at the Hyatt, and a formal wedding photo shoot in the Hyatt gardens. After a hot picture taking session in our formal wear, we all went wading in the ocean. Yep, even Chris and Sarah. John took this picture of me walking down the aisle before the wedding. I was smiling almost instantly as we arrived at the beautiful cliff line for the ceremony, and I didn't stop smiling for days. Ok, maybe I started smiling way before the ceremony, like when Josh and Regis first arrived. Here is Josh, Me and Harry at the rehearsal. The sunset was lovely on both evenings. Here I am with my kids. We sat on the beach at PIC and enjoyed some appetizers, tropical drinks and a great sunset. Life is good.

This was just so much fun - diving with Josh and Regis. I'm not sure if Josh took this picture, or if Harry took it. But I always have the look of wonder and appreciation when I get to swim with a turtle. Pillow Starfish - this was a really pretty one. On Josh and Regis's last night, we all cooked out at Ladder Beach. Josh grilled us some fish and a couple t-bone steaks for Harry and himself. Emma enjoyed the bones. Here's the family, eating lunch at Oleai Beach Bar and Grill. Even Emma came along on this lunch, she's under the table.
This is a great picture. Josh and the Grotto fan coral. Now this is a real rough and tough underwater photo. The boys - Chris and Josh with their toothy UW grins. I might still be smiling - remembering all the fun things we did together.

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