Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chris and Sarah's Wedding - Family Photos

Chris and Sarah got married May 8, 2009 at sunset on the 6th tee at Lau Lau Bay Golf Course. The site was on the cliff's edge overlooking the ocean. Besides the spectacular beauty surrounding us, the wedding was also beautiful - awesome really. It was truly a day of joy. I'll post some better pictures later, but here are a few that the family took. In the photo below you see Harry walking Sarah down the aisle, Josh and Regis are in the background. It was just so awesome having my whole family home for a week. We had the best time together. I'll do a post about that sometime soon, too. I guess it was evident in the photo below that I was quite the happy Mom of the bride, Matron of honor, and best girlfriend of the bride. Chris and Sarah saying their vows to each other. They wrote their own vows, it was very sweet. Here's the Brother of the Bride - Josh with his lovely sister, Sarah. Yep, I love my kids. And here's the happy couple. Yes, I'll post more and better pictures soon. I do have more photos in an album on facebook, if you want to check those out. Let's just say, there are stories to tell, and it might take me a few posts to get it all told.


connie in the islands said...

Sarah, Chris-I am very happy for the both of you-what a beautiful wedding!

Sarah said...

Great post, Mom!