Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August UW Weekend

I spent my first weekend in August underwater for a good deal of the time. But why not? It was raining all weekend anyway, so if you're going to be wet, you might as well enjoy the underwater critters. Harry and I enjoyed a nice long 2 hour dive (well, long for me) at Lau Lau and hung out with these two friends.
I finally got this guy to center in my camera frame. He looks great against the deep blue of the ocean.

Thibeau and Wendy joined us for 4 of the dives. They were Wendy's 4 OW scuba dives. Thibeau completed his course a couple months ago.

All 4 of us got to see this spanish dancer. He was in the rubble on the way out to the turtle snacking grounds.
I spotted this little crab in a stolen shell near the rope.
This octopus had himself nicely tucked into the rocks, but not quite hidden from view.
It was fun watching this fish eating an urchin.

Harry and I saw this eel on our 2 hour dive, at about 60 ft.

Harry spotted this gorgeous shell (yep, I don't know its name) but I wish I had taken a photo of the other side too. It was beautiful all the way around.
I actually got some nice photos of the anenome fish this time. They are always fun to watch.

I told Harry to pose for me for his 400th dive of 2009. Yep, he's done that many. And that's just this year. Only 178 for me - in a year and a half. But I'm pretty happy about that, since I only get to dive on weekends.


Tamara said...

These photo's are awesome!

Deece said...

Love the photos!