Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Been A While

I just realized it's been a whole month since my last post. I guess I've been busy with a number of things. I've been learning my new job, which has gone smoothly so far. I really like the new job position, it suits me well I think. Chris and Sarah took a trip to Canada to visit family and have a couple of wedding receptions with friends and family. They were gone two weeks. While they were gone, Harry was gone one of those weeks to Tinian to work at a dive camp for kids. So with my one week alone, I enjoyed some girl time with Connie, went to the spa, read a book. But I didn't get to my blog. I chose an odd assortment of pictures for the post this time. My recent dive photos don't seem to be in my smugmug box, so I picked out some older photos. I guess you can tell by the top picture, I'm enjoying the memories of having my family gathered together at Chris and Sarah's wedding.
I've been enjoying diving, as usual. The photo above is a lion fish I saw at Wing Beach. There seems to be a lot of lion fish there lately. I'm hoping the conditions will be good for diving Wing Beach this weekend. It's my favorite dive.

I saw this little guy in a corner all by himself at Lau Lau. I'm always drawn to the starfish.

And how could you not love a face like this? I never get tired of seeing the turtles, even at a distance. But this one was content to let us come closer for some really nice photos. Well, I guess without more pictures, I don't have more stories to tell. But you can visit my facebook site, I think I have more photos up there. Yeah, facebook has been stealing me away. See you - one site or the other. : )

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