Monday, June 22, 2009

Island Life June 2009

We always start off the month of June with Sarah's birthday, June 1. This year we had a nice birthday brunch at the Hyatt.
And I guess the rest of the month will look like I spent it all underwater. But that's where I take most of my photos, I guess. However, these photos are Harry's. I stole them because I can't find mine on the smugmug site. The picture above is a section of soft coral under the pipeline. It's always so pretty under there.
Here I am watching some fish. I think this was at Obyan. I've got my camera ready. Now if I could just get those little guys to hold still. Ha.
This is the little known sport of pipe surfing. Want to join?
We spotted some spanish dancer egg ribbons at Lau Lau. Very cool.
We saw this guy way out near Lemuria. He looked like a moth. Very weird fish.
Another "Mr. Ugly" fish. I think it's a stone fish.
Very lovely nudi.
Fish school at Obyan. Sunday, June 7 was the best visibility I've ever seen at Obyan. I felt like I was swimming in an aquarium. It was so beautiful. And it was our 29th wedding anniversary. Great day.
This looks like the shallow corals at Wing Beach. They are also very pretty all lit up in the sun.
Ok, guess I'll check out for now. I'll write another post when I can get my pictures off smugmug. I got some great ones this weekend. Harry and I spent a fun half hour with a turtle and we got some great photos and a really cool video.


john said...

WOW - that's a Helmut Gurnard. I haven't seen any here on Saipan. Where is Lemuria?
i have seen those Spanish Dancer eggs at Laulau but didn't know what they were. that's nice to know and i'll look a little harder for spanish dancers.

great shots!


connie in the islands said...

bunny ears over Sarah's cute