Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Turtle Dive !! June 20

After a group dive earlier in the day, Harry and I came back later in the afternoon for a nice long, relaxing dive - in search of turtles. Harry strapped a 100 on me so we could stay out a bit longer for our search. There was one in the normal turtle hangout, and we took some pictures of him. On the way out to a deeper site, we ran across this anenome fish guarding his territory.
And Harry spotted this little shrimp near the small anenome fish. Can you see him? He's mostly clear, with some pink and big blue and black eyes.
I came across this scorpion fish (I think). He was laying on his side, very odd.
But eventually we spotted this turtle heading out to deeper feeding grounds. So we both followed, to see where he would go. He didn't seem to mind having us along for the journey. He was just looking for a snack.
Well, he finally found his snack, and parked right there for about a half an hour, just letting us hang out with him and take his picture. Harry actually got a great video, too. But isn't this just the best? I love this picture.
Here is Harry, happily filming away.
And here's my view from overhead, watching him enjoy his green munchies.
He stopped eating to just look at me for a few seconds. I was smiling back at him. This was just so great.
I moved back a ways, trying to get a nice shot of his whole body. He was very handsome or pretty as the case may be.
And here's a nice turtle exit. Time to go up for some air. Did I say this was just great? What an awesome turtle day.

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