Monday, October 15, 2007

October 2007 Birthday

Well, here I am, officially celebrating being one year older. I say that with a smile, as I truly enjoy being this age. Yes, Harry will tease me for 4 whole days about being older. I am really thankful for my family, and my friends, who always seem to make this day a fun event for me. Harry and I enjoyed a visit to the spa to celebrate our joint birthdays, then enjoyed a nice homemade dinner complete with deep dish apple pie. Sarah did a great job with the dinner. Chris brought champagne and a great travel bag for my upcoming trip to Texas. You have to see this travel bag to believe it. It comes with a committment statement, yep. I already have my passport and eticket safely tucked into the bag. The beautiful roses are from Zandra. Harry got me a penguin black pearl necklace which you can see better in the next picture. And Sarah got me my favorite cologne set complete with travel cosmetic bag - so I'm just set to travel like a queen.
I met a group of friends the next day at Hamilton's Restaurant. We shared good conversa- tion, plenty of laughs, and good food. Hozumi brought me a plant she has been nurturing. Basil, that has been living in steer manure (alias cow poo) enriched soil. Bryan told us the story of seeing Hozumi out on the balcony with smudges of dark smelly stuff on her. He asked what she was doing with cow poo (not exactly those words) on her. She said it's not cow poo, it's steer manure. That got us talking about the many things that are lost in translation out here - like the Japanese version of "Shall We Dance". Let's just say Richard Gere cannot be portrayed well by someone else, and leave it at that. Hozumi is going to take me for my annual "nailing", too. But we decided to wait until this weekend, so they'll still be really nice for my trip. I guess I'll get "fall" painted toenails again. Many thanks to my stateside friends and family for the cards, ecards and phone calls. You all made it a very special celebration for me!

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