Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Soup, friends and bloggers

Sarah and I decided to make homemade vegetable soup last night, as that always sounds good on a rainy day. She stopped at the store to get more veggies, and was able to bring home a good amount of different vegetables. Yes, that is unusual, so we were really happy to chop, cut and season veggies for our very good veggie soup. We even had enough veggies left over for a salad. It was a lettuce free salad, but yummy just the same. We sliced up some Hyatt wheat bread and made it unto garlic toast. Mmmm - very good dinner. I'm always thankful for meals like that. I brought some leftovers with me today, in case I'm on my own for lunch.
Well, I've been enjoying my responses (to previous blog) from friends and two family members. Some made me laugh, others brought tears to my eyes with their stories. Thanks for sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the renewed contact and hearing more about your lives. I miss you all very much. Perhaps you'd like to come out for Thanksgiving. Let me know, we'd love to have you.
I have been reading other Saipan blogs, as I normally do when I have some time. The common theme I am seeing lately is a few "anonymous" bloggers out there leaving cruel, untrue or uninformed comments on people's personal blogs. How sad is that? Cowardly and mean, quite the combo. But I can the see the core group of bloggers have all come to the same conclusion. Block the losers. Good for you guys. Keep up the posts - I enjoy reading them.

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Bev said...

Your vegetable soup is yummy! I brought back some yummy jasmine tea from SF! Hope we can chat over tea some time soon! Also, you can tell Xandra that I got her a bottle of wine for her from Nappa Valley!