Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun Stuff

Harry got a new camera in the mail yesterday, so we were trying it out at lunch time today. That was fun and we got some good pictures while we were at it. The first one is my birthday gift from Hozumi. She took me "nailing". Or in American speak, she took me for a pedicure and nail painting. Her friend, Tomoko, does an amazing job painting little leaves or flowers or whatever. She uses tiny little brushes. It's just fun. So this year I chose a brownish maroon color (for fall) and asked for silver leaves. I have pretty toes!

It was Sarah's turn to try out the camera for this next picture. Digital cameras are just fun. I'm sure Harry is going to enjoy it very much. He sure got a lot of pictures out of our old camera. I'm taking that one to the states with me, so I can bring back pictures of our family.
So, farewell to the Saipan family for now. See you soon.

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