Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I decided to write about the "boys" today. I've been thinking of Josh, Regis, and their little dog family that just moved to Florida. And I've been praying they will enjoy their new home, and new adventure, and that Josh will like his new job. It's always exciting to begin a new journey, but it can be hard at times, too. So I keep praying for them - and smiling at the all great photos they are sending to me. I'm proud of Josh. He's a good husband, a good worker, a kind man. And he's my FAVORITE son. : )
Here's the senior "boy" of the family (far left). I'm proud of him, too. He is a hard worker, community minded, a caring, generous, kind man. But he's also a great husband and friend. He's in the picture with my boss, Dave. Both of them were installed into the Saipan Chamber of Commerce as officers again this year. They are the ones wearing the corsages. I'm thankful for my "boys." Maybe someday I'll have more boys in my family - a son-in-law and grandsons, maybe. But for now, I'm just really thankful for the ones who bless my life.

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