Friday, January 11, 2008

Diving with a turtle

In December, while I was taking a month off from blogging and a number of other things, I ended up doing some really cool things too. Harry asked me to go on a couple of dives with him. Being underwater is so peaceful, and it's so beautiful down there. On my first dive I enjoyed seeing all the fish, who just swim right up to your mask. We saw a couple of nudibranchs too, and small lion fish. On my second dive, I got to swim with a turtle! That was just so much fun for me. He just moved slowly along, allowing me to swim nearby and just watch him for a while. I am hoping for more chances to swim with the turtles on future dives. But it is always a wonder to be under water in the ocean, with all the many amazing creatures surrounding you. I learned alot during this month of "quiet". I am thankful for the time. Diving with the turtle was just one of the refreshing experiences of December. It was a good way to close the year.

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