Saturday, January 26, 2008

Janna's Birthday

Living on a small island, it's hard to keep secrets, among other things. But this group somehow managed to keep a surprise birthday dinner - a surprise! The birthday girl couldn't get over all of us being able to keep it a secret. Her daughter was relieved to pull it off. But if anyone knows Janna, you know we all had to wait for her to arrive for her own party, and then when she made it to the restaurant, she kept us waiting 5 more minutes while she yacked with some friends on the way in. There was plenty of laughter and celebration - if you don't laugh spending time with Janna, it's because you're in the morgue with a tag on your toe.

Janna wanted to know whose bright idea it was to actually put her age in candles on the cake.

John feigns innocence on the cake candle thing.

Good friends, plenty of laughs. Thanks Janna - for letting us share in your birthday celebration.

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