Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Day Weekend fun

I really enjoyed having a long weekend to celebrate Independence Day and just rest and relax with my family. Friday afternoon there was an ultra low tide at Wing Beach. Harry and Chris went for a dive. While they were gone, Sarah fell asleep in the hammock and I went snorkeling in the shallows. After Chris returned from the dive, he went snorkeling with me over the reef and down the crevasse a bit. When Harry came in from the dive, he looked up to see me snorkeling overhead. The 30 minutes in salt water felt really good on my recuperating knee. I got a few nice pictures snorkeling. I'll have to get Harry to load them onto smugmug for me. The reef at Wing Beach. Later in the day we went to the 360 restaurant for dinner and to watch the 4th of July fireworks. Barry, Maggie, friends and family were there also. Jackie is sitting on the end, with the big smile. She was the CNMI's only gold metalist in the recent Oceania track competition on island. Congrats, Jackie!!Chris and Sarah looking mellow after a day in the sun. Well, for Sarah it was a day in the hammock, ha. Me sampling a piece of barbecue chicken. Yep, I actually got a whole bite down without the urge to hurl. It tasted like the many 4th of July barbecues of the past - good memories. But I think that's about all the chicken I need for a few years. Harry and I - Harry looking very sleepy after a long day in the sun and sea. The fourth of July was a good day for everyone. Happy Independence Day, America!


Regis said...

I bet you were happy to be back in the watter! What a nice 4th~

Life Is Good By Laura said...

Harry with an eye patch...normal. But Kelli eating chicken?...has the world gone crazy???