Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Las Vegas Night

July 19 was the Rotary Las Vegas Night fundraiser. Most of the Rotarians show up for this event and work doing a variety of jobs from registration to dealing Black Jack. The funds are used for the Rotary Club's many community projects. Since Harry is a Rotary Club member and past president, I also go along to work at the event. I used to help Harry as his cashier for the Black Jack table, but lately I've been at the card shuffling - errand running table. Hear is one of the Black Jack tables, with Rotarian Angelo as the dealer, and Jim as his cashier. Here is Harry's Black Jack table with Sarah as his cashier. Dave and Donika are working hard at the card shuffling table. Here is Rotarian Laurie and Brad, who served as our MC for the night. Harry was looking like a pirate that night, due to his frequent eye problems. He was feeling sick that night, but managed to stay dealing his table the whole time. Sarah and Jim were cashiers all evening. Sarah looks great, as usual. She helped dress me up for the night, too. It's a long night (7:00 to midnight) for all the workers, especially those of us who aren't used to staying up that late. But it's a very worthy cause. The fund raising went well this year, so I'm sure many projects will benefit from the evening.

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