Monday, July 14, 2008

Reviewing Good Times and Tick Season

I didn't get to go diving again this weekend. So I decided to browse past pictures and relive the old dives. I found a few pictures that Harry took of me and Erin that I didn't really notice before, so I decided to post some of those. I did manage to have fun this past weekend, though. Sarah and I went to Marianas Resort Sunday afternoon. We had a really nice, relaxing day of girl talk and soaking in the pools. I worked my knee for a while in the big pool. My knee is doing much better, as I can walk well now. I have resumed most of my normal household duties, but I think I still do not have enough strength in the knee for some activities. So here's a few pictures from life lately, some the day I hit my knee, some afterwards. The picture below is me picking ticks off Emma. Yep, it's been raining, so it's tick season again. This isn't Emma's favorite pastime, but she's fairly cooperative for most of it. Here I am waiting on the bench while Erin and Harry went down to take pictures of Bird Island. My knee was starting to hurt quite a bit at this point, as it was just after our Grotto dive. Here I am at Suicide Cliff. Isn't the ocean a gorgeous color of blue that day? From here you are looking down on Bonzai Cliff. Here is Erin and I enjoying the beautiful flame trees on Suicide Cliff. When we climbed into the Grotto for a dive on Father's Day, the place was completely empty. We were the only divers heading in. Erin was a bit concerned that we led her astray about it being a good diving day. But this is what the rock looked like when we got out. I was trying to limp and get me and my gear around all these people and back onto the stairs. Here is Erin and I looking down on the crowd on the rock, and posing for Harry to take our picture. Here we are - Me, Harry, and Erin after our Grotto dive. We wanted to call this a girl's dive, but Harry wouldn't let us. I see him as the dive guide really, and we are the divers. But he didn't see it that way.

Erin and I are checking out Bonzai Cliff here. We saw some turtles on the surface that day. Green sea turtle. So we got to see turtles on the surface at Bonzai and two turtles underwater at the Grotto that day.

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