Monday, April 13, 2009

Girl's Guam Weekend

Sarah and I decided to have a girl's weekend together in Guam. We wanted some quality mom/daughter time together before she gets married. So . . . we're leavin' on a jetplane. Ha. Well, it's better than when I sing the McDonald's filet o' fish song. Farewell to Saipan for a few days - we're off on our shopping adventure. Here's Sarah taking in the view from our balcony at Fiesta Resort in Guam. And me - trying out the bed. We had alot of shopping time, but plenty of time to relax and sip tea, read stories out loud, read the resurrection stories in the gospels (Easter), sample some hagen das raspberry sorbet (it's the best!), eat at our favorite places, go for a swim in the pool - yep, we fit in all that and more. That's right, I always have to get Mongolian bbq at least once while I'm there. Sarah got some too, and a .50 bowl of miso soup. We found this great white dress for Sarah on one of our shopping expeditions. The wind turned her into a marilyn monroe photo shoot a couple of times - ha. The girls had a great weekend together. And we spared the boys from having to go bra and shoe shopping - their least favorite shopping chores. I'm still smiling at all the fun we had.

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