Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lau Lau / Obyan Dives

Since Harry had two students last weekend, I led Dave (visiting couch surfer and fellow diver) on a couple dives at Lau Lau and Obyan. Below is the path leading to the shoreline at Lau Lau. Such a beautiful dive site. This is Dave inside one of the swim-throughs at Obyan. And here's Dave checking out one of the many stands of coral loaded with little fish at Obyan. A large piece of coral with christmas tree worms. Very pretty. Harry is checking out his photos at Obyan. And here's a recent familiar site - Harry helping his students fill in their dive log books. Sara is still going through her book work, so she will do her last two open water dives at a future date. But Mike just completed all his dive skills, bookwork and exam. So he's a newly certified OW diver. Congrats Mike!Ah, lately, such is our life on Saipan. Diving, students, visiting divers and awesome sunsets. I am thankful for my island dive life.

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