Monday, April 13, 2009

Visiting Couch Surfer

We had our first couch surfer come to visit our home in Saipan last weekend. Dave is working in Korea and had to exit for a few days for his visa renewal. It was fun having him stay at our house, as he also enjoys diving. Dave has alot of experience as a couch surfer, both hosting and traveling so he was a good source of information about what we should expect on both ends. The photos in this post were all taken by Dave. He says he enjoyed his stay on Saipan very much. In the photo below, Harry is heading around the rock, to lead another Grotto dive. Dave got this great shot of Harry through the fan coral at the Grotto. While Harry was teaching some students, Dave, Chris and I went diving at Obyan. Here I am exiting after our dive. Dave came along on one of the student training dives at Lau Lau, too. Photo: Harry, Dave, Kelli, Sara (new OW student). Harry and Sara worked on OW skills and Dave and I went looking for turtles and other good underwater photo ops.

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Anonymous said...

Our nephew did a couch surfing stint all across the EU. Now he's been hired as a computer tech by and is living in Costa Rica. Loves couch surfing and loves his job. All I've heard is good things... from him... and from the two hitchhikers we picked up last summer who were also couch surfers. I'm glad your first experience was a good one, Kelli! -Grace-