Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kaye's Birthday

Friday night we celebrated Kaye's 55th birthday at the Mediterranean Restaurant. It was fun to spend the evening with Kaye and her friends, and enjoy good Mediterranean food, plenty of laughs, good wine, and some even enjoyed trying the hookah pipe. In the picture above Maggie and I are contemplating our dancing skills as the owner was soon to appear in full costume to show us some belly dancing moves. Maggie and I are admiring our "skirts", which were covered with layers of tinkling coin sized trinkets. After watching the owner dance, we were convinced we could not do it, but we decided to give it our best try. In the picture below, Kaye and I are concentrating on duplicating her moves - to no avail. But it sure provided for plenty of laughing.

However, Maggie seemed to master the art of belly dancing quite well. We were all proud of her! Shockingly, Chris also seemed to be pretty good at it. Here's Maggie, looking good - go girl!

I think Kaye had a really happy birthday. I know we all had a great time celebrating it with her. Happy Birthday, Kaye - and many more!

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