Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy 08-08-08. I decided to post 8 happy pictures. Have a great weekend.

#1 is me relaxing at Oleai Beach. #2 Sarah, me, Hozumi enjoying a girl moment at 360. #3 me, Harry on our 28th anniversary - diving at Lau Lau. #4 Sarah and the cat girls, Oli and Belle.#5 Regis and Josh - in Colorado. #6 Monkey and Harry in Bali. #7 Harry in Bali - with a refreshing glass of watermelon juice. #8 Kelli in Bali - enjoying banana pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast, served with hot ginger tea. Mmm.

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Anonymous said...

Very happy pictures, Wum! We both love and miss you guys so much! Hope you have had a good weekend.