Monday, August 11, 2008

Obyan Octopus Dive

Awhile ago we went on a dive with Rae and Michael to Obyan. I've been wanting to post the pictures from that dive, as it turned out to be a nice clear, critter filled dive. But something was wrong with smugmug, so I couldn't add the photos until today. I have some great pictures from our boat dive over the weekend, too, but I'll post those later. In the photo below, you see Rae and Michael swimming over the coral. There were some nice big fish hanging out at the coral, so we got alot of nice pictures. I think Harry must have used my camera to get this great nudi shot. I'd be surprised if I took that one. Here's Harry getting some pictures of the schools of fish we saw that day. He really misses his camera. I miss it, too. If he doesn't have his camera, he swims along faster, so I have to work harder to keep up. But seriously, why would someone steal a dive camera? We all know each other's gear. Anyway, I layed down on the bottom and looked under this rock, to get a picture of this guy. Actually, I was hoping to see an octopus under there, but this fish was really pretty. We saw this eel poking his head out along the way. And I stopped to get a shot of these little fish swimming around the coral. But there were just schools of fish that day, it was fun to swim along with them. Michael was checking out a hole and got this guy to come out for a visit. He got real up close and personal with Michael, as you can see in the photos below. We all had a great time watching the encounter.

After a while, he had enough of us, sprayed us with ink and went on his way. All in all, a very fun dive.

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Brad said...

Kelli, I'm glad you got the pictures and shared them with us all. Jeong-ah and I just had an octopus encounter of our own. I knew where one had been hanging out for a few days and I took Jeong-ah to see it. It ended up sticking out a tentacle to grab her computer and gauge. I have a short video of them playing tug-o-war until I decided to lend Jeong-ah a hand. She was probably a lot more freaked out than Michael was. It was funny though, since everything ended well.