Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saturday Boat Dive

Saturday Harry and I went on a boat dive with fellow dive friends to Temple of Doom and Bird Island. I spotted my very first shark on this dive. Here he is. Here's Rusty (I think) and Harry dropping down.
Mark is ready to head out. Here's me, dropping down to join Harry. Harry took a picture of me coming through the rocks. Harry found this puffy sand dollar. Harry and other divers exiting the crevasse. The next few photos are Brad. He must have been nearby while I was snapping pictures.
Brad in the fan coral crevasse at Temple of Doom.
Brad and Tammy on the boat before the dives. Me, enjoying my boat ride to the dive sites. Ryan is in the background. Check out my Axe Murderer Tours gear!Harry on the boat ride to our dive sites. We dove the Temple of Doom first. I liked Bird Island alot better, but I think I would have liked Temple of Doom more if we weren't trying to swim against the current to get to the big rock formation. Hanging out at Temple of Doom would have been more fun, as I wanted to take more fan coral pictures.


bigsoxfan said...

That's a shark? The furrows in Harry's forehead, a couple of pics down, look a bit scarier. Still waiting for my first shark, while we are both in the water. I envy your thrill. My pulse quickened just a tad, when I picked up the form against the bottom rocks. Thanks Mark

KelliOnSaipan said...

Yeah, I didn't think to take his picture until he was a ways away, as I was excited to just see him.

Brad said...

Kelli, those were a couple of great dives. I'm still bummed that I somehow missed the shark though!

But the Temple of Doom is now one of my favorite dives. I haven't checked my computer yet but I know I hit at least 156 feet, so that was the deepest I've been. What a thrill!