Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Obyan Dive

Sunday I had the pleasure of diving Obyan with Harry, Scott and Chris. Scott is visiting from Cleveland, Ohio. And yep, he has actually gone diving in Cleveland. It's a cold, yet funny story. They actually wear 7m wetsuits and dive a quarry that has a sunken boat in it with a dummy driving, barbies in some corner "doing it", and various other funny signs and objects. That is real desperation for diving, I'd say - more power to them. After I got done laughing at his Ohio dive stories, I was really thankful for my little dive island.
Scott spotted these two nudis. It looks like they might be two different species together. We came across this soft coral floating gently in the current. I love this stuff. Here's an exit to one of the swim throughs. I always enjoy going in those. A group of fish hangs out near the openings to the surface. Here's a scorpionfish - ew. Chris is checking for critters under the rocks. Harry is pointing at the biting anenome fish.Scott enjoying his dive. Harry and Chris. Anenome fish hiding. Harry putting his finger close enough to get a nip from the residing anenome fish. Eel checking us out. Harry found a pillow starfish. They are so pretty. Well, as usual, it was a fun and relaxing dive.

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Frank 'The Tank' said...

Wow! Those are some amazing pictures. I'd say, after having checked off sea turtles from my list of must-see creatures this past weekend, the clownfish has definitely risen up the list just behind sharks. Not to mention that Saipan has climbed up my list of top vacation destinations!