Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Awesome Deed of the Week

Sarah told me a great island story yesterday. Well, I guess it's more of a snapshot moment in island life, than a story really. After lunch at Saigon Vietnamese restaurant, Sarah dropped me off at my office and she headed down to another law office for her afternoon work. When she got to the Microl intersection, there was another power outage (I know you are stunned by that news) so there was a police officer directing traffic. As Sarah watched the officer for a while she realized that she was doing alot more moving in the heat than she really needed to. All of her traffic signals were obvious and traffic was moving along nicely, when suddenly Sarah realized what the added movement was. The traffic officer had on head phones and was dancing in addition to moving the traffic along. How awesome is that? That just made me smile, no, more than smile, I actually laughed at the surprising joy of it. In the midst of all we are going through with power outages, to the dancing traffic officer I say - GOOD for you! You not only kept us safe, but you gave us reason to smile, too.

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