Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Diving

I'm just posting some random dive photos from the last two weekends. I did two dives Saturday morning, Wing Beach and the Grotto. It was my first dive at the Grotto since my knee injury. I managed the stairs ok, but crossing over to the rock was hard for me. I felt unstable and like I didn't have enough leg strength still. So I had Harry carry my tank over from the rock on the way back, then I put my tank back on and carried it up the stairs. That worked ok. It would be nice if the steel handle at the bottom of the Grotto went over to the rock, but whatever. I guess that won't happen. Both dives were really good. Wing Beach was awesome. The picture below is Harry from the weekend before. We dove Lau Lau that time. Harry managed some good bubble rings. We had fun on that dive, very relaxing. Group fish feeding time. Awesome layered coral. I think this was at Wing Beach.Scott went freediving with us on our Lau Lau dive. That was just amazing to me how far he could free dive, then stop, take some pictures on the bottom, and resurface. Very cool. Scott resurfacing. Turtle at Lau Lau. Frogman at Wing Beach. Harry watching the dive group at Wing Beach. Kathy on her first Wing Beach dive. And Brad enjoying his first Wing Beach dive, too. Brad and Kathy.

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