Monday, September 15, 2008

Awesome weekend

I didn't take any pictures this weekend. But it would have been a great dive weekend to snap a few shots. Harry has been taking classes in the mornings, so I've been using that time to do some of the laundry and clean the house. But in the afternoon we have been diving Lau Lau this weekend. Saturday was just awesome, with 5 turtles swimming around. I was able to come up fairly close and just watch them eat and hang out. They didn't seem to mind me at all as I sat nearby just watching.
On Sunday I caught a little extra sleep in the morning, then met everyone at Oleai for lunch. Harry, Rhea, Hozumi and I headed out to Lau Lau in the afternoon. It was a nice relaxing dive. We saw three turtles and an eagle ray. The little ray just followed us around for a while. I was stopped near a turtle just watching him for a bit, when I looked off to the side and saw the eagle ray had come back around to see what we were doing. It was just wonderful to be underwater with all the cool critters this weekend. Diving definitely helps make this a good place to live. You forget all the power outages and political nonsense down there. I am very thankful for my dives this past weekend. And yes, next time I'll take the camera along.

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