Thursday, September 18, 2008

Truth Stranger than Fiction on Haze Island

This past week I almost feel like I've been living in a bit of haze. While talking current events over with Harry, we determined some things are at such a point of ridiculousness, that it's like watching a 3 stooges style comedy. Yes, life in some surreal, ludicris comedy. I just keep hearing myself say, "you're kidding me!"
Harry had the head of CUC on his radio show on Wednesday morning promising no more blackouts. I kid you not, it was about two hours later that Harry was running back up to Tapochao againnnnnn to switch the generator on because the power was OUT. Hmmm. But on the upside of that, it may have inspired Harry to write some very good fairy tales. Could just be a coincidence, though. (fft) And as a result of some superb leadership decisions, we lost a newfound friend. Yep, we met someone with a good sense of humor, kind, decent person who came out here to help out one of our business people while he was gone on vacation. He was treated with such rudeness and disrespect, he packed his bags and went back home after 3 weeks. Good job - way to draw businesses and encourage the economy. And I read about and cheered on the peaceful protestors from last night, who are seeking help with our crisis power problems. That's right, hundreds of our citizens gathered in a formal protest with the hope that the feds will have mercy on us and take over this mess, in spite of our leader's prideful foot stomping. I planned to attend the protest, but had two other obligations - one was dinner to say good-bye to the friend leaving after 3 weeks. The other was to attend the Saipan Chamber of Commerce reception for the military ship. It was a pleasure to meet the men who serve and protect our country, but also to thank them in person for their volunteer work on our island.
Yes, strange week. Surreal, like a haze hanging over reality. I think I need to go diving.

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