Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boat Dives - Naftan and Ice Cream

Sunday afternoon we did two boat dives. Harry took along divers : Tina S., Glen H., Robert H., Les W., and Lewie T. A Japanese group also had 7 divers, so we had a full boat. This is our boat captain in the photo below. I am fairly certain I heard him say "Argh!" and give a wicked laugh when our boat leaped over one of the swells on the way out to Naftan. Just kidding, and yep, it was a rowdy ride, but everyone did well. The Japanese girls screamed a couple times, then laughed. It was fun. Once inside the protection of the point, it was great diving. Robert took this next photo. I decided to include it in the blog since there were no other pictures of me (I had the camera) and this was a classic shot of Harry. Thanks, Robert. Here is some of our group - Les, Glen, Tina, Robert, and the boat crew standing on the pontoon. Harry is standing in the back as the boat leaves the Saipan shoreline, but he had to move around a bit to avoid the spray. Robert didn't move, so he was soaked by the time we got to the site. It looked like he'd already been diving. Robert decided to wear his goggles to keep the salt spray out of his eyes. Funny. : )And here we are, at beautiful Naftan Point. This is Tina, enjoying the great visibility. It was such a beautiful clear blue out there. And here's Lewie, going over the edge of the wall and looking down. This is the first time I've seen a diver come to a screeching halt and just hang there. But then, it's a pretty fair drop, about 130 feet. This is Harry close to the bottom of the wall. He looks tiny for a reason, it's a long way down. Harry is back to the top of the wall in this photo, checking out the coral under the boat. And he pauses for a nice underwater grin. : )Here is some of the coral formations and a bit of soft coral. There were alot of fish tucked under the ledges of the cliffline, but I didn't take a picture of them. Here's Glen and Tina doing their safety stop at the rope. And now we move on to our Ice Cream dive. Harry, Robert and Tina "hanging" out below. There were no eagle rays today. But it was still a fun dive. All around the ledges of the big Ice Cream coral head were little pockets of anenome and anenome fish. This guy was either shy or playing hide and seek with me. Can you see him?These guys weren't shy. They were on regular guard duty. The sun came out and lit up this shot for me. Very nice. This clam was tucked into the coral. He was fairly big. And here's a group of the fish under one of the shelf layers. One of the boat crew, checking on us to see if we were heading up yet. We all climbed aboard and headed into shore after two great dives, plenty of laughs, and a really fun day. We're going again next Sunday - want to join?


Tamara said...

Im super jealous!! I can't believe my brothers are diving and Im not!

KelliOnSaipan said...

Join us! We need more girl divers. : )