Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Weekend

Wow, blogger is a bummer today. This is my second attempt at writing a post about the weekend. One of Harry's dive students lost my camera on the rope at Obyan, so I won't have photos for this post. But no worries, I'll replace the camera soon.
I'll just post the short version of the weekend this time, if it decides to post.
Saturday was a 3 dive day, with one morning dive at Lau Lau with dive customers, then two boat dives with the same customers and John and Angelo. Mr. Lee brought some dive customers from Guam too. We all went out on Scott's boat, which is always fun as he has great boat crew. John is a new diver on island, and he'll be working in the lab at the hospital. I think everyone knows Angelo. The dives were both great - very relaxing. We saw a couple eagle rays and scores of fish. Great visibility.
Sunday we did two morning dives at Obyan with John, Tina, Glen and Robert. Obyan had pretty good visibility also, but some wave action and a bit of current. But it was the usual Obyan sunlit aquarium with fish and coral castles everywhere. I always enjoy my Obyan dives. Harry had two dive customers to take back to Obyan in the afternoon for two more dives. But I opted for some girl time with Sarah and went to Fiesta Resort Spa for a massage package. It was awesome, and so relaxing. I always feel renewed after a spa visit there - both spiritually and physically. As we sipped hot tea and nibbled cookies in our flower bath, I was thanking God for the opportunity to enjoy so many special moments - the sun, the sea, and the relaxing spa. I am blessed.


Brad said...

Kelli, that's terrible news...your camera was lost?!?! I can relate to what it's like going without a camera. I could only blame myself for the sorry someone else lost your camera. Next time call me and tell me to go scour the dive site looking for it. What day did you lose it?

Connie in the islands...... said...! Bummer on your camera! But you are right...we have to count our blessings....