Monday, March 16, 2009

New Dive Skin Modeling

My other dive skin got a rip in the leg, and it seems like Harry's dive students were needing to borrow it often, so I invested in a new skin. I really wanted a separate top and bottom, but apparently that isn't available at my normal dive gear shopping sites, so I shopped for a new one piece skin. Henderson has this model out for men and women, called Hot Skin. The women's version has this pretty strip of tropical flowers down the sleeve. The men's has a tribal print or ocean waves down the sleeves. When I first saw Harry's pictures of me, I was a little surprised that I was so bright under water. Michelle said I was an easy dive buddy to find. Ha. But I guess Harry's new spiffy lens filter makes this photo even clearer than reality, so I'm not quite that colorful on the dive. The fish seem to like it ok. Here I am checking my air, with Joel following close behind. There were 12 of us on these dives, both done from the Aqua Jet boat. As usual, they were good dives. I'm also enjoying the Mares BCD, a nice women's model BCD. It's a comfortable fit, with padded shoulder support and back padding. The only thing I would add is a big pocket. Ever wonder what you'd look like with a fish face?Here's a group of us checking out the rubble at Lau Lau for nudibranchs and other interesting critters. I saw one here, but I saw a really big nudi at the shipwreck. The turtle population was really down the last few dives. I'm guessing poachers again. Very sad. The turtles are so friendly and docile, and hundreds (probably thousands) of tourists enjoy getting to see them and take pictures. I think this might be more what I look like without the lens filter. There is another diver below me, shivering. The water has definitely been a little chilly this past winter (82 degrees this day), but I stayed comfortable in the new skin for all the dives this weekend. And I remembered to bring fleece jackets for Michelle and I to wear on the boat ride in . It's true - there were better things to look at than my hot new dive skin. Here is one of Harry's eagle ray shots. He got some really good ones this weekend. He might post some on his blog, be sure to check it out. None of my photos turned out that great this weekend. Maybe next time.

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Life Is Good By Laura said...

I love the bright sleeve colors! I wasn't sure what you were talking about when you said "skin" so now I'm getting the dive lingo down!