Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday Diving and Movie Night

Last Sunday we did two afternoon dives with Robert, Glen, Tina and Joel. Tina got to pick the dive site, since she missed out on last week's boat dive. She chose Obyan, and it was a perfect day for Obyan dives. Instead of hanging out in one big group, we broke out into buddies this time. Below you see Harry and Robert, buddy team number one, leading the dive. We stopped by a big sand patch with this pretty soft coral in the middle. And we found a few nudibranchs along the way. This shot turned out pretty good. Joel and I were buddy team number 2. We both had cameras, so we stopped alot for pictures. Glen spotted this eel. We saw another eel a bit further on the dive. I really like this picture of him. He looked pretty long with his body all wound around the coral. Glen and Tina were buddy team number 3. Glen spotted a big puffer fish, and I got some great shots of it and Glen. But my pictures haven't all uploaded to smugmug yet, so maybe I can post those later. Tina is trying out the new diveskin. I think she likes this one better than the old one. There were plenty of lion fish around. I got some great shots of some really big ones, but I'm still waiting on those pictures to upload, too. I saw this really pretty blue clam along the way. I think Harry is taking some lion fish photos in this picture. I really liked this spot, with the different kinds of soft coral - very beautiful. I'll post more later when I have my other pictures. But it was two very relaxing and fun dives at Obyan on Sunday. After the dives we decided to have movie night at our place. Chris rigged up his projector and screen, and surround sound speakers. So we ate pizza, made some popcorn and watched "Casablanca". That was alot of fun and a good way to end the weekend.


Glen Hunter said...

I always have way too much fun!

Great photos.

Thanks again!


Yellow said...

Those lion fish freak me out! I don't like deadly creatures. Your photos are awesome, though.

Deece said...

Nice pictures, Kelli! I really like that coral near Harry in the second to the last photo.