Monday, March 9, 2009

More Diving

Harry has been doing so much diving lately, that I don't see much of him during the week any more. By the time he gets home he just drops into bed and falls asleep within minutes. Don't get me wrong, we are very thankful for all the work. It is truly a blessing. And Harry did finally take a minute to post on his blog, so you need to check that one out, as his last OW student was professional volleyball player Jennifer Snyder. I got to go along on one of her dives - a night dive, which was her first dive after her certification. Yep, Jenn is an ethusiastic diver. Harry took this picture below of a puffer fish on the night dive. It was a big one. I took this picture of a lion fish inside a small hole in the coral. I think I took this one at Lau Lau, but it could have been Obyan because we saw alot of lion fish there lately. Harry had some dive customers from Pohnpei this past weekend. I went along on their Saturday morning dive. Morris and Karine seemed to enjoy Saipan diving, in spite of living on an island where they can dive alot also. Harry the faithful dive guide, patiently waiting as his customers take photos. Karine checking out the Lau Lau rubble for nudis or other interesting critters. We all stopped to take pictures of the anenome and anenome fish. I had better luck catching them in good positions for the camera this time. This guy even posed and smiled for me. Very enjoyable dive days. In the next couple of posts, I'll put up some pictures of our two boat dives from Sunday afternoon. We dove Naftan Point and Ice Cream.

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