Thursday, November 15, 2007

Company Anniversary Party

Tuesday night was our company's anniversary party. I was volunteered to be one of the VIP registration girls. This is a picture of me and the greeters for the party. Each of the girls standing would escort the VIP's back to the party and provide lei's for them. It was fun to dress up and visit with different people. The program was nice, but since I was working the reception desk, I couldn't fit inside the party, so I watched it all outside on a big screen. But that left me close to the buffet tables for dinner time, so it worked out. I don't think I've ever seen so much meat in one place, outside of living cattle wandering on a nearby farm (in the states). There were chickens, many pigs, meat, meat and more meat of every kind. Being a vegetarian (really just a non-meat eater), it made for an interesting challenge, to put together a nice plate of food. But I managed to find some soup, a piece of fish and a nice salad, and a dinner roll. For dessert I had some fruit and cream puffs. So all in all, it was a tasty meal for me. Some of the girls from work performed a nice dance routine that was fun to watch. And I got to share my table with co-workers from Fiesta and Cathy, so the conversation was fun, too. I was really tired by the end of the day, having worked for 13 hours - 8 at work, then 5 more at the party. But it's always nice to have a chance to chat with fellow co-workers from the other companies and with friends who attend the events.

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Bev said...

you look stunning in red=)