Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lake House Visit

I had the pleasure of spending some time over the weekend at a lake house owned by some of Regis's relatives. After many days in the city, it was a refreshing get-away. I got to enjoy things I haven't experienced in a long time. Cool, crisp morning air, lake water, the fresh smell of trees and lush grass. I laughed a lot at the dogs, all jumping in the lake and playing together. And I just enjoyed stretching out in the sun on the deck and chatting with Britney, Steve (who was shelling pecans from his yard), Josh and Regis. Steve's aunt, MaryLou, was in the house and joined us later.

This next picture is some hammock time, you can see the lake house in the background. f

Lake house, notice the Texas star and the wild flowers on the side. Everything was very pretty.

Dogs and Josh enjoying a swim.

On our way home, we had breakfast at Blue Bonnet Cafe. Notice our big plates of Texas breakfast.

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Harry Blalock said...

The lake house looks just as cool as what you described to me, and very good job on the pictures. Almost time to come though! Yea for me.