Saturday, November 24, 2007

Visit Paradise?

Relaxing time on Saipan sometimes means a trip to the spa for me. On the pathway down to the lower pools, there are plenty of lush green tropical plants, this one with a few little bananas.

When you reach the lower deck and walk to the railing, this is your view. Some days the water is various shades of aqua, depending on the sun and clouds overhead. You can always hear the waves crashing on the reef line from here, though.

Here are two of the lower pools. The closest one is very cold, which is nice on a hot day. And the far one is warm, with a waterfall feeding it. It's very shallow, so you can just lay reclined in it and watch the ocean.

If you get thirsty out there, you can order one of these - an iced green tea latte. Mmm - they are so good and refreshing.

This is the cafe where you order the green tea latte. You overlook the jungle gardens and the ocean. It's very nice, breezy, peaceful. Unless of course someone sits next to you and lights up a cigarette, but then you just need to relocate and you're back in healthy peaceful paradise again.
Well, you might be asking, why did Kelli write about this? I decided I needed some visual enticement to lure some of my friends out for a visit. Did it work?

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