Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Hair Day?

When you are underwater, your last concern is usually what your hair looks like. For instance, I'm usually more concerned about whether I just blew snot into my mask when trying to blow out water that leaked into it. If some loose hair hangs over the top of my mask, it is easily brushed aside, so I can see where I'm going. In this photo, you see the slick dive ready hair in a pony tail. Yes, there are a few loose strands, but overall, not a bad look. However, in this photo, you can't be sure what happened. Was she scared spitless? Nah, it was just a turtle. Did she think Alfalfa had the scoop on stylish hair? Did she just descend a little too quickly trying to hang out with the turtle? Hmmm, I guess bad hair days happen underwater, too.
But no bad hair days for this guy, better known in blog world as scaricus no haricus. I think he may have the right idea about underwater hairdos.

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Too Funny. You kinda look like you have a shark's fin in the second picture.