Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I don't know where to begin to share all of the adventures on Bali. We had an amazing trip this time. The diving was incredible, but I'll try to just start at the beginning. It might take a few blogs, though, to get the whole adventure told.

This was our first stop, Pondok Prima Cottages, in Sanur. Now, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this place, but it was an o.k. place to sleep for the night since our flight got in so late. This is our morning breakfast group, two couples and one man, all Dutch. They were very friendly and helpful. We spent some time in Kuta, just looking around, before we headed up to Tulamben for diving. Kuta was busy and crowded, not our kind of place. But we did enjoy lunch at Bubba Gump's. Here I am hanging out with a local surfer in Kuta.

We traveled up the coast line to Tulamben on day 2. The drive was beautiful, with many rice paddies along the way. It was a very long, winding road, but we enjoyed the scenery. Below is a picture of one of the rice paddies and volcanos.
O.K., well, the diving part of our Bali adventure will take a bit to tell, so I guess I'll save that story for tomorrow.

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