Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three day weekend

Last week I was surprised to find out that I had Good Friday off from work. The government workers on Saipan all had a 4 day weekend, as Monday was Covenant Day or another C day, not sure. But I was just thrilled to have Friday off. At the last minute, Sarah and I decided to go to Guam, since we had the extra day off. This is Sarah, checking in to Fiesta Guam.

We left Friday morning, and returned Saturday evening, so we had two days to shop. We went to Guam Premium Outlet, K-Mart and Micronesian Mall. It was just fun to shop, girl style, where we could try things on and not be in any hurry. We ate at the food courts, enjoying food we can't get over here. Teri got us all set up at Fiesta Resort in Guam, so we had a nice stay there, and good visit with her. Sarah and I took the trolleys everywhere. It's only $10 for a week, much cheaper than renting a car. Kelli at Jamaican Grill in Tumon. We ate our dinner at Jamaican Grill - mmm, I love eating there. Good food. We had good drinks, too. Sarah had me try the Jamaican Ginger Beer. It was very good. Strong ginger taste, not alcoholic.

Sarah being a good Jamaican Ginger Beer sales girl.

We stopped into a little mini mart on our walk back to our hotel and brought mini bottles of white zinfandel back to our room and drank those out on our balcony while watching the Fiesta Dinner show (that was performing below us). Then I had the luxury of soaking in a bathtub for a while. We both fell asleep fairly quickly after that. I fell asleep watching TV. I was kept up late for two nights in a row from Harry's night dives and guy's nights out, so I was just plain tired after adding shopping all day on that. We thought we might want to go for a swim in the pool at Fiesta, so I bought a new swimsuit during our shopping at GPO. We found one on sale at Loco Boutique, but we never ended up having time for a swim. We really had a great time - good girl chats, girl shopping, and great food. I should get away to Guam with the girls more often.
When I got back from Guam, Harry got me at the airport, ran me home to change my clothes, and we went to Mary Jane and Bill's wedding reception. Their reception was very lovely, I really enjoyed it. Congratulations Bill and MaryJane.
Here's Harry and Katerina, Mary Jane's oldest daughter.
On Sunday morning I went on a dive with Harry and two friends from Hawaii. Don and Lance work in Marine Biology and came out here for meetings. Harry, Don and Lance went diving everyday from Thursday to Monday. They had a great time, but at least two of them looked pretty tired by Monday night. I only joined them for one dive. Sarah wanted to watch 10,000 B.C. at the theater, so we went to see that Sunday afternoon. After that, I caught up some laundry and read a book. Great 3 day weekend!


Tamara said...

wow, I got exhausted just reading your blog..he he..You sure fit a lot into your weekend! Sounds (and looks) like you had lots of fun too!!

KelliOnSaipan said...

Yeah, I might still be tired from all of that. But it was alot of fun.