Friday, March 7, 2008

BALI (5) Diving in Tulamben Part Three

Our dive guys asked us if we'd like to try a boat dive. I guess he was worried we'd get bored with the shipwreck and leave sooner. There was no reason to worry, but we told him, sure we'd love to try a boat dive. So he got his friend to bring down his fishing boat and take us to another site that was good for macro diving. This place had alot of nudibranchs, so it was a good spot for Harry to shoot some pictures.
We really enjoyed the boat ride to the site. It was the coolest boat, and gave us a closer look at the scenery along the shoreline. We saw some new bamboo construction, big fancy resorts, fishing bases, and a woman walking her 3 cows down the beach. Harry really wants one of these boats.
Since Harry was busy with all the nudibranchs, I struck up a friendship with this guy and his traveling cleaner fish. He followed me around for quite a while. I was having trouble clearing my left ear, so headed in early and waited for Harry at the boat. I had to stay on shore for a whole day after that dive, but got back in the water the next day for a shallow dive along the shoreline to see the Coral Garden.
Here I am, ready to head out to the fishing base, where our dive guys dropped us and our gear off. We swam back to our dive site from the drop off point.
The drop off was right in the curve of the shoreline in this photo.
Along the way, I saw Nemo and his buddies, and a big blue tang, and some amazing coral and other large fish (I don't know their names).
We also saw several cowries. Harry went back and got several great photos of the cowry with it's mantel out. Just awesome.

After our dives were done for the evening, we would walk into "town" and find a restaurant to eat in. On our way we always met up with this dog (later known as bracelet girl) who followed us the rest of the way down the road. She was very friendly. One time when Harry was looking down at her paw, he noticed her bead bracelet. (her left front paw) We looked for one for Emma, but never found any. It was a multi-colored small bead bracelet. Very stylish. Our trips to "town" always ended up with a stop for watermelon juice . This time Harry is showing off his shapely girl stirring stick.
Lest you forget where you are, there are handy signs posted. I thought Dawn could truly appreciate this one.
Sometimes we walked to "town" via the shoreline on these handy "sidewalks". When the sidewalk quit, we just took the path through the trees.

Yes, diving in Tulamben was a memorable experience. We loved every minute of it. Puri Madha was the name of our dive accomodations and dive shop. In this picture I'm holding Harry's cigar while he takes my picture. Nope, didn't sneak a puff. Well, in the next post, we're off to Ubud. Stay tuned.

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Beverly Mae said...

So glad you guys enjoyed your stay at that resort! i really loved it too! Weren't those bumphead parrot fish amazing!? I want to go back!