Monday, March 10, 2008

Bali (6) Ubud

Sunrise in Bali. It was an awesome sight we treasured every morning in Tulamben. I'm thankful for all the wonderful memories from our time there. But I guess it's time to get on to the end of our Bali trip - visiting with Kim in Ubud.

Kim has been part of our "family" for quite a while now. She lived in Saipan a few years ago, and spent many weekends at our house. Often friendships made on Saipan become lasting ones. Such is the case with Kim and her family. This is Kim and I after our salon visit. She got a massage treatment and I got my hair braided. It took 4 girls 2 hours to braid my hair. Yep, looks funky, but it was fun to wear for a few days. Harry, Kim and I went to the Monkey Forest for a visit during one of our days in Ubud. We all had a really good time until Harry got bit by a monkey. But that's another story. Maybe he can tell that one on his blog. The monkeys were fun to take pictures of, and very playful.
Very, very playful. Ha. Yep, everywhere Harry goes he seems to catch things in the act - nudibranchs, monkeys, shells, etc.

I guess that explains why we saw plenty of baby monkeys this time. Very cute little guys.
I took a turn at feeding them bananas. . .. . which led to a slightly closer encounter. He eventually climbed on top of my head, but was very gentle about the whole process.

Yes, they really seemed to enjoy people's heads - especially bald ones. This guy was playing the drums on Harry's head, and pausing to check for bugs.
Well, after a day of monkeys and shopping, we went back to our room, changed into our suits and relaxed in the pool for a while. It was so refreshing after walking around in the markets, bartering for prices and carrying our packages back in the heat.
We also took a few watermelon juice breaks. There is nothing quite so refreshing as an ice cold glass of watermelon juice. Harry took some time to catch up his journal. He kept a written log of our whole trip. It's great reading.

I guess I'll close the story of our Bali trip with this peaceful picture of the night lamp in Tulamben. I have not even scratched the surface of all the joys, blessings and many wonderful moments of our trip to Bali. I will always be thankful for this experience.

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Beverly Mae said...

i stayed at that hotel too! i recognize the pool you were in! i loved it there cause it was in the middle of the main street of ubud! Very cool! We will have to have dinner and chat about your trip soon!