Monday, October 6, 2008

Hozumi's Last Dive

After living on Saipan for 8 years, Hozumi is leaving this week to move to Singapore. Harry and I will miss her very much. So this weekend we did alot of "last time" things with Hozumi. This post is about Hozumi's last dive before she leaves Saipan. She chose Obyan. It was a great day for an Obyan dive, high tide, fair visibility. We swam out to see the garden eels, then made our way back along the coral and swimthroughs. Hozumi is enjoying the coral and fish. We forgot to bring her dive skin, so she's wearing mine. Hozumi getting a closer look at the fish. I always enjoy seeing these little neon blue fish. Harry found this nudibranch on a big rock outside of one of the swimthroughs. And this pretty lion fish was hiding under the edge of another big rock. Harry found this slug-like thing with white sticky strands hanging from it. Harry held it closer for Hozumi to see, and she literally shuttered underwater. We all laughed in our regulators. Harry is likely searching for critters. The coral was all lit up really pretty in the sunlight. Hozumi and Harry.Hozumi and Harry checking out some critter in the sand. Kelli and Hozumi.This guy was digging in the rocks, kicking up mud, but he was really pretty with his shiny silver back and black stripe. Here's one of the clams I saw along the way. And I always enjoy the coral. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a photo with fish swimming in and out of the coral, but not today. Harry is sending air rings to the top, and Hozumi is trying to catch them. Hozumi decided to lay on her back to watch the air ring show. One of Harry's fine air bubble rings. Harry and Hozumi in the sunlight streaming down from the surface. Harry and Hozumi exiting one of the swimthroughs. Hozumi coming out of the swimthrough.I'm still underwater coming in on the rope, so I snapped this shot of Hozumi and Harry - well, their legs anyway. Here they are - heading up towards the beach at Obyan. Hozumi giving Harry a hug for taking her on her final Saipan dive. This dive was also Harry's 200th dive for this year. Great dive, great day.

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