Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was just thinking about this past Sunday. We had two nice dives at Lau Lau in the morning, then went to Oleai for lunch. Dennis and Judy were there with a young couple that just moved to Saipan. It was nice to see them again. We had a nice lunch with our dive group, then Harry wanted to head out for dive number 3 of the day. I decided not to dive that one - the Grotto - as I was already tired from the first two dives and getting up early. But I went along with Harry, Chris and Rhea to the Grotto. While those 3 were diving, I stayed in the observation area, rested at one of the tables and read my book. A number of tourists came and went, took pictures, etc. Then a couple of young local girls came over. They looked like they were in about the 5th or 6th grade. They were laughing and having a good time, slipping the occasional foul word into their dialogue - I guess so they'd look cool or grown-up. I just kept reading. Then a young boy came up carrying a little girl about 2 years old. She was at the age where she mimicked everything they said. So the girls proceded to teach her to say a number of filthy words, the kind I never even knew existed at that age. And each time the little 2 year old would repeat the word, they would laugh and clap for her. So the little girl laughed too. She was happy to have their attention and to be making the older girls laugh. So yep, in a few short moments that little one learned to spew words so filthy they offended me, and she learned this was how to impress the older kids and win their approval. It was so sad, it made my heart hurt. I still feel bad about it today. What an ugly way to abuse innocence. Yes, I know there are worse ways. This was just sad to watch. I wanted to say something to the older girls, but you know how that goes - they listen then go talk about you behind your back calling you a meddling blank blank blank. Yep, just sad.

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