Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life is Precious

This morning my daughter and I got in the car and headed to work. We were chatting about some loser driver from our road that cut her off the night before while she was stopped at the end of the road, to turn right. She was in the right hand lane. He was sitting in the left lane blocking the path to any drivers that would want to turn in to our road too. Rude, poor driving skills, yes. But more than that, this type of driving risks everyone around them, and themselves and their passengers too. I have to wonder if life is meaningless to these people, that laziness would allow them to drive like this. So anyway, we finished that conversation, and headed north on Beach Road and approached the Quartermaster Road intersection. You know where this story is going, don't you? I was in the left lane (that goes straight through) and two other cars were in the right lane turning right. As I was right at Quartermaster, the car on that road decided to turn left into oncoming traffic. I hit my brakes, quickly assessed my options, drove around the cement divider into the oncoming traffic lane because it was empty and back into my own lane (all with the assistance of a guardian angel, I'm sure) - ALL to avoid the loser at the intersection who pulled out into oncoming traffic. Really, what are people thinking? Do they really think two cars can occupy the same space at the same time? Did they skip science and physics classes growing up? Common sense, 101? I laid on the horn for quite a while, and I only wish I had been able to see the license number. Not that it would actually help, but I would feel better reporting their wrecklessness. So again, life, is it not precious to some? Not precious enough to drive responsibly? Apparently not, because I've seen a number of accidents in this very same spot. And one was a cop car (not his fault, another loser exiting Quartermaster). Anyway, just needed to vent. I don't like people risking the life of my daughter due to their wrecklessness, or my life for that matter. Be careful out there!


KAP said...

It's deadly serious, but I try to keep my sense of humor-- and drive defensively

Sarah Beth said...

Yes, indeed, psycho drivers! It took my heart quite a while to calm down from that little episode.