Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Wing Beach Dive

Saturday morning Harry, Michael, Rhea and I ended up doing two Wing Beach dives. Yep, I know the season is over, but it was a perfect Wing Beach day. Actually, it was probably the best Wing Beach dive I've ever had - great visibility. Here's a picture of me, with my new prescription mask. It looks kind of funky, but makes diving easier. This guy followed us for a ways on the way out to the crevasse. He was pretty big. And I always enjoy this view as we swim over the corals on our way out. As I was exiting the crevasse, I took a look at my gauge, then dropped down to 104 ft. to take a picture of a nudibranch. I was taking a picture of a lion fish and turned around and Harry had this right up close for me to see. I think he was hoping to gross me out, but I'm no Hozumi. Ha. Harry and I were using up our air towards the end of our dive, and went into this little cave in the shallow corals. It was really cool in there, with many fish hanging out. We saw schools of these little silver fish with black and white checked tails. Very cool.
Great dive morning. We dove Lau Lau in the afternoon, but it was low visibility and a bit of a current, so not that nice.

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