Friday, October 24, 2008

Truth Challenged (PC term)

It was an honor to have the gentlemen from Washington DC out here to visit the island this past week. They were respectful, kind, smart, honorable men. I was embarrassed more than once by how they were treated during their visit. Have we lost our minds? Is rude and juvenile the new "cool"?
Yeah, I guess I'm struggling with a number of the ongoing issues. I don't know why I keep expecting people to tell the truth or do what is best for everyone. I should know after almost 13 years living here, that is far from likely. I don't want to sound cynical, really, but this past week (and the article about the governor, speaker and senate president's meeting with the DC men regarding the Marine Monument proposal) has just been over the top. The article was, frankly, a blatant lie.

I heard directly from persons present in that meeting. CNMI Officials certainly did not say - no, no, a thousand times no. Just a plain simple lie. The people of this island should ask themselves why they are being lied to like this? What is the agenda? Why can't they know the truth, and share their opinions openly? In my short life and experience, I tend to notice that people lie to cover wrong, hate, greed and fear. So I have to wonder which one of these or all of these is the motive for that behavior. I'm way beyond thinking that whoever fed the lies to the media will be held responsible. That just doesn't happen.

But I want to thank the Friends of the Monument group. You worked hard to share the proposal and potential good with the island. You were respectful and caring. You stated facts and listened to both sides of the issue. It's good to know there are still people like you all out there.

In other good news, there is a business group coming together to clean up and paint the pavilions at one of our beach parks this weekend. And the Marianas Dive group is having an underwater pumpkin carving contest. Sounds like great fun. Happy Fall!

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